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Alternatives to Expensive Customer Service AI

AI software, the business world’s latest trend, can cost anywhere from $6000 to over $300,000.

For most companies, this is not an affordable option at the get-go. Fret not, here are some alternatives to increase the efficiency of your contact centre while you build your capital.

Diversify your agents

Expand your agents’ abilities and have them work on multiple communication channels. Don’t just keep them working on live chats if they have good language skills and are well-spoken. These skills can be better put towards answering calls. 

That doesn’t mean that the agents will shift to only taking calls, they will be working both live chats and calls. These agents will be omni-channel agents that handle multiple channels of communication. Doing so increases customer service efficiency and helps season your agents as well.

Free and Low-cost Softwares

While AI software can be expensive, there are still plenty of non-AI software out there that are free or low-cost and still effective in increasing efficiency. The biggest one is Google-it has all the necessary applications to create content, communicate quickly and streamline your workflow. Other free software include Trello for project management and communication, Invoicely for invoicing and LibreOffice as an office suite.

For customer service, there are cheap Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms such as SuiteCRM, CapsuleCRM and Zoho. Most of these software start off free and increase their prices as your company grows, which is very useful for start-ups and small companies. Aside from CRM, there are also cost-efficient help desk software that encompasses multiple communication channels, knowledge bases and desk ticketing. Two popular ones are HubSpot that starts off free and ZenDesk starting at $5 per agent.

There are still many customer service software to discover depending on your needs and your budget. Take your time to explore and find the right service for your business.

Take note though, that these alternative software may have their limitations when compared to their expensive counterparts, but they will hold you off until your business can afford more sophisticated products.

So, if you can’t afford AI solutions right now, there are affordable alternatives out there that increases your customer service productivity. Comment and let us know if you have any other tips and tricks we should add to the list!

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