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7 Tips on Customer Management

Sometimes, it’s not a difficult customer…but bad customer management.

Contact centres need to manage their customers well in order to prevent disappointment or dissatisfaction in their customers.

Want to know how? Here are some pointers to meeting customer expectations for a fulfilling customer experience and reduce the number of unhappy customers.

1. Be transparent and honest 

Customers will become suspicious and skeptical about your business if it feels like you’re hiding something from them. Just like in any relationship, you want to be open about sharing information so customers have trust in your services.

Take note, you do want to maintain professionalism and not overshare. Definitely provide information if the customer asks for it, but don’t bring up irrelevant or personal details.

2. Be realistic 
Don’t over promise customers and raise their expectations. This can cause mistrust and more disappointment when you can’t follow through.

3. Have clear timelines
Make it clear when customers should expect their problem to be solved and explain all the work and effort that goes into it. This will let customers know how long they should wait before following up and helps them rationalize the timeline. 

4. Follow up regularly 
Check in to make sure the customer is satisfied with each decision in the problem solving process and keep it up even after the problem is resolved. This helps build a rapport with customers and shows that the business genuinely cares about their needs.

Don’t be worried that you’ll annoy the customers. As long as you’re not pushing a hard-sell every time, they will appreciate the genuine care that you have for them.

5. Have clear communication 
Explain yourself clearly and ensure that your customers are on the same page as you to avoid any misunderstanding. You should also make sure that you fully understand the customer by repeating their words back to them. 

6. Be consistent
Standardize procedures and make note of every customer’s progress. This enables every agent to be up-to-date on each customer without having the customer repeat themselves over and over. Making this the standard lets customers know what to expect every time they contact your business.

7. Provide channels for feedback
Let your customers know that you value their feedback and want to improve their customer journey. Be obvious about how customers can provide feedback and keep the process simple.

Your customer’s input can help you prevent future customers from being upset over the same problem. Actively stay on top of their comments and constantly work on ways to improve. Follow these tips and you’ll sure to see improvement in your contact centre’s customer management.

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