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2 Steps to Turn Your Contact Centre Into a Value Delivery Centre

“This call centre is a cost centre.”

This is actual feedback our CEO received from one of his clients, back when telecommunication was the primary customer service channel.

Businesses at the time had to bear a high cost for the equipment and manpower to run a call centre. Therefore, it was difficult for businesses to justify the cost of a call centre, especially because it did not generate enough extra revenue to break even.

But that’s all in the past. Today, BPOs like Canaan are striving to create contact centres that are value delivery centres. These contact centres will create strong customer relationships and discover ways to create value for both the customer and the business. Below, we explain how we plan on making this happen.

1. Transition to sales through service model

Why does McDonalds offer a chance to upgrade your meal right before you pay? Why does Amazon show items that are frequently bought together after you put an item in your cart? Why does Apple present the option to add extra laptop memory and storage at checkout?

Notice, these businesses are only giving customers these offers once they’ve fulfilled the customer’s primary needs. The customers are already happy with the business’s efforts and any upgrades made at this point would be additional value for the customer.

It can be seen that customers are more receptive to additional offers when they have had a satisfying customer experience.

This is what the sales through service model aims for. It generates sales through satisfying customer experiences and actively looks for ways to provide more value to customers.

Contact centres have to use data analysis and hire agents who are talented in value creation to transition to the sales through service model.

By implementing this model, contact centres will be more than a communication channel for enquiries and feedback. It will have the capability to bring in revenue and deliver value to both the business and the customers.

Canaan is working on adopting the sales through service model in order to provide more value to our clients and convince them that contact centres are value delivery centres.

2. Contact centres need to go digital

The old call centre model profited based on the number of people hired. So, when there was a digital transformation and businesses started considering automation technology, call centres were initially reluctant to budge.

However they soon realized that if they kept to their old ways, they would continue to be cost centres.

Déjà vu? That’s because this is exactly what led to Kodak’s downfall.

The digital evolution has brought a multitude of communication channels to call centres, turning them into contact centres. Customers can contact businesses through their website, social media or mobile app. And businesses can use multi-channel platforms to access all of these communications at once. Increasing the speed and efficiency of the customer experience.

Not to mention, live chats allow agents to interact with multiple customers at a time. Coupled with chatbots and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that can perform simple and repetitive tasks for agents, contact centres will only need a small and highly skilled team of customer service agents. These agents will prioritize building strong relationships and creating additional value or customers.

The digital evolution has also introduced cloud technology into the contact centre, enabling agents to access customers from any location. Contact centres can transform into virtual work spaces and save on office space.

Aside from that, the digital evolution provides analytical software that can deliver value to customers. Analytical software will analyze contact centre data and supply customer insights. These insights will be crucial to finding ways to give customers additional value.

Canaan is embracing the digital evolution by involving digital automation in our solutions. We don’t want to be left behind in the industry, which is why we are staying on top of the latest technological advancements and will be one of the first to employ them.

If you want to learn more about our process, shoot us a message and we’ll fill you in!

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