In an industry plagued by harmful practices, stagnant growth and non-existent innovation, Canaan was born to shatter the norms in 2016.

We whole-heartedly believe that with passion for our craft, empathy for our people and transparency for our clients, trust follows behind.

These values represent the foundation of our brand.

• No over-promises

• No sky-high prices

• No skating on by reputation

• No restrictions despite bottom lines

With decades of collective experience and knowledge under our belts, our goal has always been to spearhead the industry to its absolute potential with no stone left unturned.

We are the new wave of BPO here in Malaysia. One that is fluid and adaptable to the increasingly technical needs of clients everywhere.

So if you can trust us with your reputation, we will do everything in our power to ensure a collective success. After all, we have always been in it to win it with you.