Our Core Values

Canaan aims to be a pioneer in the industry for transparency, innovation and always putting our clients first.
We approach every challenge with your best interest in mind. Believe in us to provide you with the most efficient and valuable solutions for your business.
Our brand is founded on these values:
No Skating on by Reputation

By allowing our work to speak for itself. Through years of experience we have managed to hone our craft and deliver for our customers.

No Sky-High Prices

Costing is a major factor when it comes to outsourcing. We strive to provide our clients with the best service in the most cost-efficient way.

No Over Promises

By clearly communicating what we can do, and what we can’t. We understand that trust is not easy to be obtained, and so we value delivering on our promises every single time.

No Restrictions despite Bottom Lines

We strive to provide value for our customers. From reports to handling crisis, our team gives 100%.

Who We Are

With decades of collective experience and knowledge under our belts, our goal has always been to push the boundaries of the industry.
We are the new wave of BPO here in Malaysia. One that is fluid and adaptable to the increasingly technical needs of clients everywhere.
Trust us with your reputation and we will draw from our vast knowledge-base to ensure a collective success. After all, we have always been in it to win it with you.

Our Culture

Canaan’s culture is one of growth. We believe that building a culture focused on performance may not be the healthiest or most sustainable way to achieve results. Instead, we emphasize on improving and gaining new skills in order to perform better each time.

A Safe Environment

Where our people are allowed to be vulnerable and our leaders take responsibility for their shortcomings and missteps.

Continuous Learning

We encourage our people to be inquisitive and curious. Our team practices transparency in place of judgement, certainty and self-protection.

Continuous Feedback

Up, down and across the organization. Grounded in a shared commitment to help each other grow and get better.


Rahul Sumansalam

Chief Executive Officer


Zaid Azlan Klair

Chief Human Resource Officer


Awards & Achievement
MSC Malaysia Status

MSC Malaysia Status

HRDF Registered

HRDF Registered

Winner of SME 100 Fast Moving Companies

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