Constant changes can get confusing.

When the first ride-sharing app was introduced in 2010, almost anybody could become a ride-hailing driver as long as they had a car that worked. Since then, the ride-hailing community has gone through its fair share of safety accusations and has implemented many new regulations to protect their customers. Evidently, safety has become an essential aspect for this community.

To prioritise the safety of their passengers, a ride-hailing company decided to partner with Canaan to ensure the trustworthiness of their drivers.

Information Gap

Our client’s commitment to safety means that they are continuously updating their screening policies to reflect current safety laws and the worries of their customers.

Soon, we realised that these frequent updates were communicated through a disordered channel, causing information to be missed and agents to become confused. This is of course dangerous for ride-hailing customers if the screening team is inconsistent and misinformed about their drivers.

Central Information Portal

Our client could not risk putting their customer’s lives in danger, so Canaan immediately came up with a solution, that is a unified portal where all new information is directed to.

This is a portal where agents can see the latest updates and use it as a reference. It is definitely more straight forward and convenient for agents compared to going through numerous messages trying to find the latest information like they were doing before.

Canaan’s solution does not stop there however, we also formed focus groups where team leaders broke down the team into smaller groups and held discussions, huddle sessions and went over any new information to make sure every team member was on the right page.

Portal Was A Huge Success

This portal turned out to be a huge success as our client was able to:

  • Maintain data integrity
  • Improve quality of work
  • Maintain a year to date (YTD) error rate of 4%

By implementing this portal, the client can now continue to achieve its goal of providing people with a trusted and secure ride-hailing option.

This will keep people safe from being stranded without a way home or driving in unfit physical conditions. In turn, it will improve the well-being of our community and increase our confidence in society.

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