Employees feeling stagnant at work? Here’s what we did.

After a while of working, an employee can feel like their work has become routine. They face the same tasks everyday and go through the same motions.

An employee who is stuck on repeat is not only more likely to make mistakes at work, they are also limiting their potential to gain new skills and improve themselves further.

This could eventually affect a business’s performance and deteriorate the customer experience.

One of our clients noticed this in their employees and asked Canaan for ideas on what they can do to prevent their employees from falling into this robotic mindset.


Employee Learning

Our client explained that their employees were not getting additional exposure at work and our client wants to give them the opportunity to develop themselves and grow in aspects outside of their current role.

This way, the employees can explore different fields of work and transfer the skills from those areas into their current roles to enhance their work performance. From the client’s description, Canaan determined that the employees had a lack of learning tools at their disposal.



To solve this challenge, Canaan turned to a very popular mode of learning in today’s era: E-learning.

Canaan then identified online learning modules and programs that were taught by experienced and highly-skilled teachers who would also lead by example. The course itself would include topics that are relevant to each department and would provide new perspectives to employees.

After much research and review, the ideal learning tools were rolled out as additional training materials.


Improved CSAT Scores

Ever since our client’s team received access to the learning modules, their customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores has averaged around 96%, which means customers are very satisfied with the customer experience.

This comes as no surprise because the employees now have a deeper understanding of our client’s business and their tasks.

There was also a noticeable change in the employees themselves, they became highly motivated and were more eager to be pro-active at work. Evidently, the training modules stimulated them and gave them a new found excitement for their role.

Richard Branson, business magnate, once famously said “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.”

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