Contact Centre

Bridge the gap between you and your customers, effortlessly and effectively.

Since the start of the millennium, we’ve played active roles in setting up contact centres for companies in a variety of industries.



Retail / F&B


Tech Startups


Oil & Gas




Strive for Execellence

To better cater for every industry regardless of the scale, we offer both client-managed and Canaan-managed contact centers. In addition to that, we also provide online, billing, sales, enquiry-to-transaction and fulfilment services.
Technical Support

Our team uses simple instructions and basic trouble-shooting to clear the way for consumers to enjoy a seamless customer experience.

Back Office Support

Let us handle the behind-the-scenes work. Be it data entry, regulatory compliance or record maintenance, we have got you covered.

Customer Service Support

Providing a value-driven customer journey from the beginning to the end. We will be there for your customers whenever they need support.

Online Platform Support

We stay on top of digital trends to ensure your business stays relevant in this rapidly evolving digital world.

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Ensure that your team is always in tip-top shape to exceed your customer’s expectations.

Custom CRM Tools

Work with tools that were made specifically for your business to save time and simplify complex processes.

Through the years, our expertise as reliable support systems for brands has been proven time and time again.
Our vast knowledge about intricate processes needed to fulfil the wide spectrum of customer requests, have resulted in numerous contact centers that are effective, impactful and constantly evolving.
No customer walked into your business, gives you money and says, “Dissatisfy me, please.” Aim for 100% customer satisfaction.
- Bill Quiseng
We pride ourselves on constantly being ahead of the curve thanks to our access to Big Data. This leads to Customer Relationship Management campaigns that are both insightful and fruitful.
As a partner, we wish to fulfil your objectives as efficiently as possible – be it for awareness or revenue. We are in it to win with you.

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