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How and why agents need to address customers by their name.

Try pronouncing this: X Æ A-Xii

This is the name of Elon Musk’s son and proof that unusual names like this exist. But no matter how weird the names are, it’s important that customer service agents address customers by their names.

Why? We’ll tell you!

Build strong customer relationships.

It enables you to build relationships with customers that are informal and personal, because customers feel important and valued when you address them by their name. In that moment, you’re recognizing the customer as a unique individual and not another number in your sea of customers.

It also takes away the barrier between company and customer and brings you closer to your customers.

Giving and receiving attention.

Using the customer’s name shows that you know who you’re speaking to and that you’re paying attention to the customer. Likewise, the customers will also be more attentive to your words because they will respond strongly to their own names.

Rules to using customer’s names.

While it is important to address customers by their names, using their names too much can make it lose its meaning and become annoying and superficial.

Instead, use their names at the beginning of the call to set a good impression. This can be tactically placed in the greeting.

In the middle, whenever you need the customer’s attention or whenever it comes up naturally in conversation. And at the end, when you conclude the call to remind them of their importance to the business.

Other rules to be aware of when using customers names are:

  1. Pronounce it correctly. Whenever in doubt, don’t be afraid to clarify with the customer. X Æ A-Xii is pronounced “X Ash A Twelve”.
  2. Use the right pronouns and titles. Don’t go by the sound of a person’s voice, always check what pronouns are listed or clarify with the customer which pronoun they would prefer.
  3. Don’t associate names with negativity. That means don’t bring up customer names when you’re telling them bad news. It may come across aggressive and mean.

There may be a few rules to remember when using a customer’s name but as long as you’re polite and genuine in your intentions, these rules will come naturally to you.

What are some methods or rules you currently use when addressing a customer by their name? Share them with us!

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