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How to increase First Contact Resolution (FCR).

FCR occurs when a customer’s problems are resolved in their first call or chat. It is a good measure of the contact centre’s efficiency and customer satisfaction. A high FCR translates to high customer satisfaction as customers don’t have to call back to follow up and they get to resolve their problems quickly. Obviously, a low FCR would be the opposite of that and does not bode well for customer satisfaction. 

Since FCR is so important to contact centres, we decided we had to share some tips on how contact centres can increase their FCR: 

• Collect Enough Information

Be sure that agents fully understand the customer’s situation in order to provide the most appropriate solution. This prevents the customer having to clarify themselves over and over again and prolonging the problem solving process. 

• Utilize Support Tools.

Provide agents with easy access to your company’s knowledge base, so they can quickly get any product information they’re not familiar with.

• Total Contact Ownership.

Have agents follow their call from start to finish. Even when they transfer the call to the next person, they need to check in on the status of the call and be on-hand to assist or supplement information when necessary. This ensures that all of the customer’s problems are acknowledged and they don’t need to make multiple calls for each problem.

• Provide Clear Instructions.

If it is necessary for customers to take action after the call, have them write it down and have agents be specific in their instructions. Always have agents give customers the time to absorb the information and ask for clarification.

• Double Confirm.

At the end of a call, always have agents ask if there’s anything else they can help the customer with so they don’t have to call again for a different issue.

• Solve Contact Centre Problems.

Look out for recurring problems that are preventing FCR and solve them. Constantly analyze problem interactions and actively recognize any customer patterns. 

These steps have been proven to be successful in achieving FCR. We want to help contact centres succeed, so pass this information along to other contact centres. Let’s help each other out!

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