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Learning is Beneficial to All Employees.

Learning is a never-ending journey.

It’s easy to forget that when you’ve been in the industry for decades, but no matter how long you’ve been in the business, there is always something new to gain from learning. After all, you can’t spell “learn” without “earn”.

In fact, this report for the City & Guilds Centre for Skills Improvement state that learning is even more important for seasoned workers. It provides opportunities for reskilling and is proven to keep these workers longer in the workplace.

With technological advancement, some worker’s sectors or roles may become obsolete as time progresses. That’s why it is important for seasoned workers to be reskilled to prepare them to work in a new sector or stay relevant in their current sector.

These employees can now stay longer in the work place, which is great for the business because it reduces recruitment costs and has been proven to improve the worker’s attendance and commitment levels, especially when compared to new or inexperienced workers.

Not to mention, training sessions could give experienced workers a refresher on knowledge they learned a long time ago or give them the chance to work on their weaker skills. This can increase the worker’s productivity and bring them to the height of their careers.

The encouragement and help people get from learning also gives seasoned employees a surge of motivation and renewed energy. It also stimulates their creativity and encourages innovation.

This will help them bring new ideas and suggestions to the table and boost your business.

As evidenced, constant training and development is important for all employees, regardless of their experience levels.

Here at Canaan, we host training and development programs for employees at every stage of their careers. Feel free to reach out and we’ll assist you in training your seasoned employees.

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