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The Biggest Threat to Businesses Today

Since 2005, more than 4,500 data breaches have been made public. The actual number could be higher. And that’s only the number of data breaches, not the number of individuals affected by the data breach. Some of the biggest data breach cases have affected roughly 400 million people. That’s 100 million more than the entire population of the United States.

Data breaches are so common these days that we barely bat an eye anymore when we hear that millions of people have had their data compromised. It goes to show how real this threat is to businesses and how important it is for businesses to keep their guard up over their data.

Data breaches can cost a business millions of dollars in damages. Not to mention, the immeasurable amount of harm it causes a business’ reputation and customers’ lives.

BPOs like Canaan have a lot of personal data passing through our systems everyday and it is important that we maintain the privacy of these data.

One of the ways we protect data is by strictly adhering to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). The PDPA is a law that protects personal data used in commercial transactions from abuse. For businesses and employees, there is a very hefty price to pay for the violation of PDPA.

To comply with PDPA, here’s what businesses should do:

  • Ensure that data is only used for purposes registered with the Information Commissioner. 
  • Collect and use data fairly and within the law.
  • Do not store data longer than necessary and dispose of the data appropriately.
  • Store data safely and away from unauthorized access.
  • Do not collect more data than necessary.
  • Make customers aware of how their data will be used.
  • Hold PDPA awareness training for employees.

Businesses should constantly remind employees of the importance of protecting their customer’s personal data. Here’s how employees can do their part to uphold PDPA:

  • Do not provide or discuss confidential work information with third parties.
  • Do not share log-in credentials or passwords.
  • Do not leave devices with personal information unattended or unprotected.
  • Do not overshare work information on social media.

It is crucial that businesses protect their data because a data breach is very difficult to undo before it gets into the wrong hands. Let us know how else you protect your data!

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