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The dangers of micromanagement.

What is micromanaging?

Imagine your manager standing over your shoulder and controlling everything you do at work.

You’re never left alone with a task, and if you are, then you are required to report back to your supervisor and not make any decisions without their input.

More often than not, there is a lack of training or constructive criticism because the higher ups find it easier to fix problems themselves than to teach you how to do better at your job.

This is what micromanaging entails and it’s a management style that is proving to be ineffective and detrimental to businesses. Here’s why.

Loss of trust.

Micromanaging sends a clear signal to employees that management doesn’t trust them working on their own. This lack of trust can lead to low productivity and loss of employees.

Dependent employees. 

Micromanaging doesn’t let employees work independently, leading employees to have little confidence that they can work without supervision. In the end, they will become dependent on management’s instruction and guidance. 

This is not good for management as their own workload will increase and it’s a clear sign that training has failed.    

No innovation.

When management is too controlling, employees are reluctant to bring new ideas to the table in case it does not meet management’s expectations or that it falls on deaf ears. This can stifle company growth and cause the company to lose out to competition.

Loss of morale.

When management constantly criticises employee’s work and sets strict requirements with no encouragement, it decreases morale of the whole company. Managers are supposed to motivate their employees to develop themselves and push themselves further, not the opposite.

Micromanaging may not be as obvious as standing over someone’s shoulder. It can be more subtle, like needing the manager’s approval for every little thing. If you’re part of management, be sure to check yourself so as not to fall into the trap of micromanagement.

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