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Your Customer Service Team needs Quality Assurance.

When you’re shopping, you usually get the best quality items. They last longer, they do a better job, and best of all you don’t have to make multiple trips to the store for a replacement.

The saying goes, quality over quantity.

The same can be said for your customer service. Your customers don’t care how many calls an agent can answer if the calls are of poor quality and not beneficial to them.

In fact, if your customers are calling in multiple times, that’s a red flag that your contact centre is doing something wrong!

This is why every contact centre needs Quality Assurance (QA).

QA involves reviewing services and products to make sure they are up to standards. It also enables your business to collect data that shows your strong and weak points, which you can then use for strategy and planning purposes.

A closer review of calls can reveal common trends, detect service limitations and provide opportunities for self-improvement.

Not sure where to start? We’ll give you some tips on how to conduct QA for your business.

Focus on the Customer.

The whole purpose of QA is to fulfill the customer’s needs and wants. So, don’t get side-tracked by other opinions and always put the customer first.

An agent’s primary focus should be on the customer’s satisfaction. Remind them to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and treat customers the way they would want to be treated.

Encourage Self-Assessment.

By having agents be self-aware of their abilities, their growth doesn’t stop after the QA process. Instead, they will continuously want to improve themselves and keep up with standards, if not to raise the bar.

Remember to Coach and Train.

The goal of a QA shouldn’t be getting good results. It should be learning from errors and continuing to develop. Definitely take note if an agent is continuously making the same mistakes across a few QAs and provide extra training or assistance if necessary.

Holding training sessions now and then would also be helpful to provide additional knowledge and serve as a refresher for agents. An alternative would be sending poster reminders of positive phrases agents could use or helpful tips on how to communicate with a customer.

Save Example Calls for Training.

This is a great group exercises you could do with your customer agents. Have them listen to a call and discuss what was done right or what was done wrongly. This would be an engaging and educational opportunity for your agents.

Keep both the good calls and the bad ones. You can use outstanding calls as an example for what agents should be doing and poor quality calls as an engaging review activity for agents. 

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